VIDEO: Reggie Jackson Travels Late in the Game, Gets No Call

Miami Heat have been on the wrong side of the referee whistle for a few times this season already. It seems that the bad luck started in the game against the Washington Wizards when the Bradley Beal traveled, but the referees did not call it. It resulted in the Wizards hitting a 3-pointer and burrying the Heat in a deep hole they could not have gotten out of.

Tonight against the Detroit Pistons, the referees missed another late call and just like it was the case against the Wizards, it was in a close game, in the deciding moments and it was done by a guard. Reggie Jackson traveled on his drive to the rim, but there was no whistle. Miami Heat ended up losing by a single point after Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh misfired on their game-winning shots. 

The Heat got good looks, but missed. The loss is not to blame on the referees, but they have to do a better job making calls late in the game, especially in close games like this one. Another example of wrong calls is when Heat's point guard Goran Dragic was ejected from the recent game against the Portland Trail Blazers. Dragic, who is a key player for Miami, had to leave the game in the third quarter, and the NBA later decided that he should have not been ejected from the game. However, this statement came two days after the game was played and the Heat could have lost the game easily due to that call.

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