Klay Thompson is Not the Best Shooting Guard in the League

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Klay Thompson is a great young player with a lot of potential, but at the moment he is not the best player at his position. Maybe he is overshadowed by the incredible Stephen Curry and his playing style is not as fancy as playing styles of some other players in the league, but he is not the best shooting guard in the NBA. Golden State Warriors are impressive and their win streak is sensational, but that doesn't put Klay Thompson at the shooting guard throne.

Thompson is averaging 19.3 points per game this season which is not good enough for even the top 5 among shooting guards and is 24th among all players. Although his shooting percentage ranks him first among the top 10 shooting guards with the highest scoring averages, 19.3 points per game is just not impressive and definitely not good enough for the best player at the two-guard position. 

Despite being one of the tallest players at his position at 6'7", Thompson grabs only 3.5 rebounds per game, which is 16th among shooting guards, and his 2.5-assist average is good enough for the 14th spot among players on his position. Thompson's stealing average ranks him 37th among shooting guards and the only basic average stat in which he is ranked high is blocking, where he is tied for the first spot with the Chicago Bull Jimmy Butler.

Although no shooting guard in the league is having a fantastic season so far, James Harden has been playing much better, averaging 9.5 points, 2.6 rebounds and 4.3 assists more than Thompson. Furthermore, Harden is capable of being a team leader and despite having high-turnover rate and low shooting percentages, he still retains the title of the best shooting guard in the NBA. 

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DeMar DeRozan is also having a great season and his stats are superior to Thompson's, while Jimmy Butler and Dwyane Wade are also doing solid job leading their teams to great records while averaging solid all-around stats and being better defenders than Thompson. Let's also not forget two young shooting guards who are having breakout seasons, Andrew Wiggins and C.J. McCollum. Both of them are playing very well this season and although neither could be really called the best shooting guard in the league, there are many arguments that they are better than the Warriors' 25-year old guard.

We are only in December and there are many games left to play so the situation might chance in favor of Klay Thompson. However, statistically speaking, he is not even close to being called the best shooting guard in the league at the moment. Yes, stats are all about numbers, but so is the game of basketball.

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