Tyler Johnson Will Need Shoulder Surgery

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Miami Heat guard Tyler Johnson has been going through some injuries recently which caused him to miss a couple of games. Last night he played only 5 minutes against the Brooklyn Nets, after missing three straight games due to shoulder injury. It is expected of the Heat to keep Johnson in the rotation, but the bad news is that he will need a surgery on his shoulder.

Johnson has averaged 9.1 points so far in the season and he's been one of the best shooters on the roster, converting 52% of his total shots and 45.7% from the long range. Johnson is also a solid playmaker and he can also rebound well for his size. The 23-year old guard will most likely see decrease in his minutes and production as he will have to adapt to the new playing style and change his shooting motion.

Shoulder surgery would keep Johnson out for a longer period, so it will be done during the offseason, unless something unexpected happens. The guard has been having shoulder issues since his college days and he was supposed to have a surgery on it last offseason, but he got his jaw broken during Summer League, so the surgery was postponed.

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