Miami Heat's Records And Performance Sorted By Jerseys

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports
Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Miami Heat have added many new uniforms in the last few years and we had the opportunity to see them wearing different combinations of Black, White and Red. In this article, you can see how well the Heat played while wearing certain jersey in the last 105 games, 82 from the last season and 23 games of the current season.

Heat were 51-54 (.486) in their last 105 games and they used their white jersey in most of those games. This article will include every jersey the Heat wore during this period, including the Christmas jersey they only wore for a single game.

- White Jersey (43 games)

Record: 22-21 (.512)
PPG: 97.2
OPPG: 97.3
Net Points: -0.1

Miami Heat used their white jersey for the majority of the games they played last season and they have also used it quite many times this season as well. This is the default home jersey, but it was also used in a few road games. Heat were one win above .500 while wearing their white uniform. Statistically, Heat did not really dominate their opponents in these games as they were outscored by 0.1 points on average.

Out of these 43 games, the Heat played 33 at home and had 18-15 record, while 10 of them were played on the road, where the Heat won 4 and lost 6.


PPG: 90.4
OPPG: 100.2
Net Points: -9.8

Miami Heat were outscored by nearly 10 points per game in 21 losses they had while wearing white jerseys. The worst loss was in Cleveland where the Cavaliers dropped 114 points on the Heat, who only scored 88. This was the fourth and the final game of the season between these two teams and the Heat fans don't have nice memories of it, especially since Dwyane Wade injured his knee after 13 minutes on the floor and had to leave the game.

The closest loss was against the Orlando Magic who defeated the Heat 102 to 101. Although they had a 4-point lead with 1:38 left in the game, they were held scoreless for the remainder of it as the Magic pulled a comeback and won in Miami.


PPG: 103.7
OPPG: 94.4
Net Points: +9.3

Heat were incredibly good on the offense in their wins with these jerseys. They scored nearly 104 points per game in 22 wins and outscored their opponents by 9.3 points on average. The biggest win in these uniforms came against the Houston Rockets, who got defeated by 20 points. Heat were down by 21 in the first half, but they made one of the most incredible comebacks in the history of the league and won the game, 109 to 89. 

The closest win was 94-93 against the Charlotte Hornets. Heat played without Wade and Norris Cole, but Chris Bosh, Luol Deng and Mario Chalmers all scored 20 or more points to beat the Hornets. 

- Black Jersey (22 games)

Record: 11-11 (.500)
Net Points: -3.7

Miami Heat played even while wearing their black uniforms as they won 11 games and also lost as many. However, they played awful in their losses and therefore they have negative net points despite having a .500 record in those games. These jerseys are default road jerseys and the Heat never used them on the home court. 


PPG: 90.1
Net Points: -16.4

Heat had some really bad games while wearing their black jerseys and out of 11 losses, 9 of them came by double digits. They were outscored by 16.4 points on average which proves that the black jerseys weren't really lucky in these losses. The worst loss came against the Houston Rockets as the Heat fell down by 36 points. No Heat player scored over 15 points and they were outrebounded by 15, which resulted in one of the worst losses in the team's history.

The closest game, however, came against the Detroit Pistons, who beat the Heat 99-98. Goran Dragic and Dwyane Wade combined for 45 points on efficient shooting, while Hassan Whiteside had 13 points, 12 rebounds and 6 blocks. Heat had the lead for the major part of the game, but were held scoreless for the last 2 minutes and 13 seconds, which resulted in a close loss.


PPG: 97.8
OPPG: 88.8
Net Points: +9.0

Heat's offense in the 11 wins was solid and their defense was amazing, limiting opponents to just under 89 points per game. Despite bad losses while wearing these jerseys, Heat played very well in their wins and their biggest win came against the New York Knicks, 111-87. Only one Heat player scored in single digits while everyone else who stepped on the floor had at least 12 points. 

It took Miami one overtime to beat the Orlando Magic in the closest win in black uniforms. Heat came up on top, beating the Magic by 3 points after outscoring them 8-5 in the extra period.

- Red Jersey (20 games)

Record: 5-15 (.250)
Net Points: -5.3

Miami Heat used their alternative red jerseys in 20 games during the 105-game stretch and they are the unluckiest jerseys they have played in, according to the awful .250 winning percentage. Heat's offense was limited to under 90 points per game while their opponents beat them by 5.3 points on average.

Heat used these jerseys 7 times at home for 3-4 record and the other 13 games were on the road, where the Heat won only a single game and lost a dozen. 


OPPG: 99.4
Net Points

Even though the Heat lost 15 out of 20 games in their red jerseys, their losses were still much worse in black jerseys. Still, being outscored by 11.3 points on average is no fun for any team. The worst loss came against the Pistons in Detroit as the Heat lost by 23 points. Dwyane Wade had one of the worst games of his career with only 2 points and the Heat's poor shooting and bad rebounding put them in the hole they couldn't find the way out.

Heat had two 1-point losses while wearing red jerseys. One of them came against the Minnesota Timberwolves while the other one was against the Milwaukee Bucks. The loss to the Bucks was probably the worse as the Heat were fighting for the playoff spot and this loss came in the last second of the game, on Khris Middleton's buzzer beater.


Net Points+12.4

Interesting fact is that three of five Heat wins came against the Boston Celtics, while the other two were against the New York teams, the Nets and the Knicks. Heat played incredible defense in these games as their opponents scored only 81.2 points on average and the Heat's net points are the highest net points in wins among all jerseys. The biggest win came against the Knicks as the Heat beat them by 19 points on the road. Gerald Green had 25 points as a starter and the Heat got a valuable win.

The closest win was against the Celtics by 7 points. Heat played without Dwyane Wade, Hassan Whiteside, Henry Walker and Chris Bosh, but still won behind 22 points and 7 assist by Goran Dragic and 12 points-12 rebound performance by Udonis Haslem. 

- Black Tie Jersey (9 games)

Record: 3-6 (.333)
Net Points: -5.9

Black Tie jerseys have a bad reputation among the Heat fans and are believed to bring bad luck and losses to the team. Although it sounds superstitious, it is truth that the Heat play bad in these jerseys as they are #2 unluckiest jerseys for the team, with only 33.3% winning percentage. 

Heat used these jerseys seven times in home games and two of their three wins came from these games. On the road, they used these jerseys only three times, winning one of those games. 


Net Points: -13.5

Heat scored only 85.8 points per game in their losses with these jerseys as they scored in triple digits only in one out of six lost games. The worst loss came against the Dallas Mavericks who had a 37-2 run in the second half which helped them blow the Heat out by 21 points. Dwyane Wade did not play in this game and the Heat started with two point guards, Mario Chalmers and Shabazz Napier.

The closest loss was once again against the Bucks, but this time the Bucks won by 7 points as seven of their players scored in double digits. Chris Bosh scored 26 points for the Heat while Mario Chalmers added 21, but it wasn't enough to take the Bucks down as they shot nearly 55% from the floor and 56.3% from the long range.


Net Points+9.3

The Heat played very well in their wins while wearing Black Tie jerseys, too bad there were only three of them. Miami scored nearly 100 points per game as they scored 109, 100 and 89 points against their opponents. The biggest win was a 14-point victory over the New York Knicks despite Wade not playing. 

Indiana Pacers gave troubles to the Heat as it took the Heat 48 strong minutes to beat them, and only by 2 points. Luol Deng stepped up and scored 23 points on 9-of-13 shooting as the Heat escaped the Pacers and won the game.

- Legacy Jersey (4 games)

Record: 3-1 (.750)
Net Points+2.2

Legacy jerseys are the new Heat jerseys for the 2015-2016 NBA season. The Heat have used them in four games so far, and they proved to be lucky for the team as Miami went 3-1 while wearing them. These jerseys are made to honor Heat fans and the home court, so the Heat wore them only in home games.


Net Points: -11.0

The only loss the Miami Heat had while wearing their Legacy jerseys was against the Washington Wizards. The Heat lost by 11 points, although the game was close and the winner was decided in the last minute of it. Wizards played small ball against the Heat and it proved effective as they got a valuable win.


Net Points: +6.7

All three wins in Legacy uniforms came against tough teams, Oklahoma City Thunder, Cleveland Cavaliers and Memphis Grizzlies. The Cavaliers played without their best player LeBron James and the Heat defeated them by 15 points, which is the largest win for Miami while wearing these jerseys.

On the other side, two other wins were close as the Heat defeated the Thunder by 2 and the Grizzlies by 3 points. In both games, Dwyane Wade came up big in clutch, making game-winning shots.

- Latin Nights White Jersey (3 games)

Record: 3-0 (1.000)
Net Points+9.6

During Latin Nights in Miami, the Heat played three games and they won all of them. The Heat hosted the Los Angeles Lakers, Sacramento Kings and the Phoenix Suns in Miami, beating the first two opponents by 6 and 5 points respectively, while the Suns went down by 17 points. This was Goran Dragic's first game against his former team and he came up big, scoring 21 points and dishing out 4 assists. Tyler Johnson also had a big game with career-high 26 points off the bench.

- Home Strong Jersey (3 games)

Record: 3-0 (1.000)
Net Points: +11.3

Just like it was the case with the Latin Nights jerseys, the Heat went undefeated while wearing their Home Strong jerseys. Although all of these games were played on the home court, the Heat put on a show defeating one of the best teams in the East, Toronto Raptors, by 20 points. They also defeated the L.A. Lakers by 13 points, but struggled against the Utah Jazz, yet still won the game by a single point.

- Christmas 2014 Jersey (1 game)

Record: 1-0 (1.000)
PPG: 101
OPPG: 91
Net Points: +10.0

Miami Heat played against the Cleveland Cavaliers and LeBron James on the Christmas of 2014 and they came up victorious, beating the Cavs by 10 points. Although James had a great game with 30 points, 8 assists and 4 rebounds, it was his former teammate, Dwyane Wade, who celebrated the victory as he outscored James by 1 point while also adding 5 rebounds and 5 assists to his final stat line. Wade had a big help in Luol Deng, who scored 25 points, grabbed 8 rebounds and distributed 8 assists.

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