WATCH: Dwyane Wade Wins Game With Two Clutch Free Throws

Miami Heat and Oklahoma City Thunder fought a long and hard battle and the victor was not known until the final seconds of the clock ticked off. When it was all over, Miami came up on top and it was mostly thanks to Dwyane Wade's heroic performance in the last minutes of the game. Wade scored 8 last points of the Heat and he made two clutch free throws with 1.5 seconds left in the game to put the team up by 2 and win the game. 

VIDEO: Dwyane Wade's Clutch Dunk Against Thunder

Russell Westbrook got the ball on the final possession, but his desperation shot did not go in and the Heat came up with a big victory, while the Thunder lost their second straight game. Wade finished the game with 28 points on 11-for-21 shooting, outscoring both Westbrook and Kevin Durant. He also had 4 rebounds, 4 assists and a steal. 

You can watch Wade's game-winning free throws below.

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