Who Will Be 2016 NBA MVP?

LeBron James has been the best NBA player for the last few years, but in the last two season he failed to capture the MVP award. After winning four of those awards in five years, last two were won by Kevin Durant in 2014 and Stephen Curry in 2015. 

Two or three years ago it seemed that the MVP race is all about either James or Durant, but last year other players were included in the conversation and one of them managed to win the award. Beside two of them, James Harden of the Houston Rockets, Anthony Davis of the New Orleans Pelicans and Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors were all competing for this prestigious award, with the latter winning it. 

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James Harden said that he believes he deserved the MVP award, but Curry won it, and he later won the championship ring. Will we have the same intense competition for the best player next season as well? Anthony Davis is on the rise and is already one of the best, if not the best big man in the league. LeBron James will undoubtedly continue his amazing performances and dominate the league just like he's been doing it for over a decade and Kevin Durant is coming off an injury, but ready to lead the Oklahoma City Thunder to the postseason and possibly a big success in it.

There is no doubt that LeBron will be playing with a chip on his shoulder and want to prove that he is still the best and that he can bring a championship to Cleveland. If there is one player in the league who you can bet will perform well constantly, then it's James. However, the question is if other players can stay consistent as well and bring back the intense MVP race from the last year back?

Who is your pick for the NBA MVP next season? Vote and comment below!

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