Dwyane Wade Teaching Justise Winslow Post Moves

Dwyane Wade, who has been a longtime Miami Heat player, started to pass his knowledge of the game to the young generation of players or more specifically, to the rookie Justise Winslow. Wade has a wide variety of attacks and in the most recent years he was relying on his post game to help him offensively. In the recent practices, Wade shared some advice with the young Winslow on how to dominate in the post.

After numerous injuries, Wade had to rely on his post game more as he didn't have the same athleticism he had during his prime. It quickly became natural for him to use post moves and it also greatly contributed to his efficiency on the floor. 

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Many people compare Winslow and Wade, saying that their games are similar and that the rookie could be the new franchise star. While it's early to talk about the future of the Miami Heat and Winslow, it is true that their playing styles are similar. Wade said the following regarding his practice with Winslow:

As his career develops, hopefully he’s able to do multiple things on the floor, but right now there’s gonna be certain things Coach wants him to do, and some of those things I’m good at. I’m just passing down knowledge to someone who I think could be good at things that I have strengths at. It’s gonna take a while, but if he figures it out at 21, he’s ahead of the curve. I figured it out at like 27.

With Justise Winslow being taught by Wade, we can expect that he will take his game to a whole new level. Winslow is ready for the NBA and his skills are not in question, but with Wade's veteran experience and leadership, he can be even better and turn into an NBA superstar.

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