Chris Bosh Failed Physical, His Career Could Be Over Soon

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Chris Bosh has failed his physical and will not be attending the Miami Heat training camp and preseason. Bosh, who has dealt with blood clots for the past two years could retire soon as there is a big risk of him playing. Both the team and Bosh were optimistic about his return to the NBA next season, but it will most likely not happen as there are too many complications regarding Bosh's health.

After losing Dwyane Wade in free agency, the Heat have tried to rebuild, but their season will not be very successful without Chris Bosh. Bosh is the best player of the team and his experience, combined with incredible skillset, make him one of the best big men in the league. However, last season could very easily be the last season of professional basketball for the big man, as the risk of him getting back to the court is too big.

If Bosh is not able to play, the Heat will be in a big trouble, but they will be able to clear his salary off the books in February next year which will give them a lot of cap space to sign other players. Furthermore, if the team decides to tank, they will have a first round pick in the next year's draft, so they could start their complete rebuild process from there. Miami Heat will still have Goran Dragic and Hassan Whiteside, who are two exceptional players, but it is not certain whether they can carry the team to the playoffs as the roster is not very good this season.

This is not the end for Chris Bosh yet, as he wants to play and will try to get back to the court. However, his fans should know that there is a big chance of him retiring and quitting basketball for good.

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