Mario Chalmers Hints At Return to Miami Heat

Mario Chalmers started his career with the Miami Heat in 2008 and he won two championships with the team. Last year unfortunately, he was traded to the Memphis Grizzlies, after his role had decreased and he lost a starting spot on the roster. Chalmers played well for the Grizzlies, but was waived due to the unfortunate injury near the end of the regular season. He is a free agent right now and is looking to be signed by an NBA team.

Just a few days ago, Chalmers posted a workout photo on his Instagram. It was odd that he, as a free agent, wore a Miami Heat shorts in the photo, which then sparked a controversy and made many people believe how he wants to re-join his former team. 

Miami Heat fans would gladly take Chalmers back as he was one of fan favorites during his years in Miami. But on the other side, the team has too many guards right now and adding one more would make no sense. It is not clear what team Rio will sign with, but it's a fact that whichever team gets him will get a high-quality point guard who can run the floor and contribute a lot to the team success.

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