NBA 2K17: Miami Heat Player Ratings

Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

Miami Heat player ratings have been released for NBA 2K17 and some of them look just awful. Hassan Whiteside and Chris Bosh are highest rated players on the team and their ratings seem fine. However, Goran Dragic's rating is under 80, despite having a great playoff run and being one of the best combo guards in the NBA. Another bad thing is that great shooters, such as Bosh, Tyler Johnson and Josh Richardson, have low grades for 3-point shooting. This is probably a visual glitch or it could mean that the rosters are not yet complete.

You can see the Miami Heat NBA 2K17 ratings, along with their 2K17 ratings in the table below.

PlayerRating16 Dynamic16 Launch
C Bosh868584
H Whiteside858681
G Dragic788081
J Winslow777674
T Johnson757571
J Richardson757566
D Waiters737373
D Williams737472
J Johnson727679
J McRoberts727171
W Ellington727170
B Weber70
U Haslem70
W Reed707070
L Babbitt697170

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