NBA 2K17: Dwyane Wade's Rating

Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

There have been many NBA 2K17 leaks recently and fans had a chance to see some of the ratings in the game. One of the first teams that was released was the Miami Heat, but Chicago Bulls were also shown, including Dwyane Wade's rating. In 2K17, the former Heat player will be rated 87, which is the second highest rating on the Bulls right behind Jimmy Butler, who is 88.

Wade's overall rating will go up by 1 point as compared to his original rating in NBA 2K16 and it will have the same overall as his dynamic card in the game. He was rated 86 in NBA 2K15 as well and in NBA 2K14 his rating was 92. If he was still on the Heat, Wade would be the highest rated player as Chris Bosh is currently the best Heat player in the game with 86 rating.

Beside Wade and Butler, a few more ratings of the Bulls players have been revealed. Rajon Rondo will be 81 and Robin Lopez will be 77. Nikola Mirotic and Taj Gibson will both be 76 while Bobby Portis and Doug McDermott will also have the same rating, 74.

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