Chris Bosh's Health Status Still Unresolved, Retirement Is Possible

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Miami Heat forward Chris Bosh is still not ready to play and his playing status is not known by anyone at the moment. Heat president Pat Riley recently commented about Bosh's health, but his comments were not very positive and it is still not certain whether Bosh will play next season or not.

Bosh played on a regular basis until February this year, when he was diagnosed with blood clots which forced him to miss remainder of the season. He had played 53 games until that point, but hasn't seen basketball action since. The same happened a year before as he played 44 games and then missed rest of the season. When it happened the first time, the Heat failed to qualify for the playoffs. The second time, they made it to the second round and got eliminated in game 7 against the Toronto Raptors.

Pat Riley said the following regarding Bosh's health situation and eventual comeback:

"From the standpoint as of today, it's moving forward of down that road of him playing. We're open to helping him get there. That's all I can say. It's a sensitive, complicated situation that I can't really speak to medically. From a basketball standpoint, I've been told it's been put on hold. We know what Chris is capable of. The last two years, losing him after the All-Star break, two years in a row, you never know what you have or what we could have done. That's what kills me. We put together a good team since LJ left but we've never had an opportunity to see it at its full. We need to wait until August or September, we'll have a lot more information then." 

While Bosh believes that he can still play and contribute to the team, it is still too risky to let him do it. If Bosh doesn't play next season, Miami will be in a tough position as he is under a big contract which will not allow the Heat to sign other big-name players. While it's still too early to predict anything, one thing is for sure: Bosh's retirement is not out of question.

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