Hassan Whiteside Reveals Why He Chose Miami in Free Agency

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Hassan Whiteside signed a 4-year contract with the Miami Heat this offseason, worth almost $100 million. Considering that he made less than $1 million last year, this was a huge thing for Whiteside, and it's true that he deserved it. He recently commented about it, saying what kept him in Miami.

Whiteside met with the Miami Heat and the Dallas Mavericks on July 1 and the meetings ended at 3 am. Shortly after, he announced that he will be revealing which team he will sign for through Snapchat, which he did after he woke up, saying that he will stay in Miami. However, the decision and choice between the Heat and the Mavs was not really easy for the 27-year old big man.

Pat Riley, Erik Spoelstra, Andy Elisburg and Alonzo Mourning met with him and they persuaded him to stay in Miami, the city where he became popular and where he, according to his words, felt comfortable. Whiteside revealed that what made him stay in the Heat's talk about winning and family, and fortunately for the Heat, this all happened before Dwyane Wade's decision to join the Chicago Bulls. If the Heat waited, things could have gotten much worse for them.

With big contract comes a bigger role and bigger responsibility for Whiteside. The 7-foot big man will have to carry a lot more burden next season than he did the last one and it is expected of him to keep developing, just as he has for the past few years.

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