Udonis Haslem: "Wade Leaving Could Have Been Avoided"

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Udonis Haslem and Dwyane Wade played for the Miami Heat together for 13 years, and while Haslem will enter his 14th season with the Heat, Wade will take his talents to Chicago and play for the Bulls. In the recent interview, Haslem said that Wade leaving for Chicago could have been avoided, but it is too late now.

By playing his 14th season with the Heat, Haslem will become the longest tenured player in the Heat history, with Wade being second at 13 seasons. Wade holds numerous records for the Heat, and is also first in games played with 855. However, Haslem needs to play exactly half of the season, 41 games, to be tied with Wade for the first place. It is not certain if he will play that many games as his role with the team will most likely be different and he will help the new teammates off the court and help them adapt to the team. In the recent days, the Heat have signed a few power forwards: Derrick Williams, Willie Reed and James Johnson, which means that Haslem will most likely not be a rotation player. Beside them, there is also Chris Bosh who will be a starter at this position if he's healthy. 

Here is what Haslem said regarding Wade's departure:

"I wanted him to come back, but I just know, personally, there were a lot of things he was feeling that, I guess, maybe just came to a head at this particular time. For whatever reason, we -- the organization -- and him, couldn't get to an agreement. In hindsight, I don't know, I think I should have come in and pulled a Chris Paul and handcuffed him like they did DeAndre Jordan and made him change his mind. I don't know if there was anything I could have done or should have done. But I felt like it could have been avoided. For whatever reason, it just wasn't."

Haslem also added that he is glad to be back in Miami, but that he has never imagined playing without his brother, Dwyane Wade.

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