Dwyane Wade Hasn't Signed With Chicago Bulls Yet, Could He Change His Decision?

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Dwyane Wade has agreed to sign with the Chicago Bulls this offseason, but he hasn't signed the contract yet. Wade is set to make $47 million over two years, but the deal will be finalized only when he puts his signature on it. Most of the players signed new deals on July 7, including Kevin Durant and Hassan Whiteside, but Wade has  yet to sign it. Is there any chance he comes back to Miami?

While Wade did agree with the Bulls on a contract, there is still some hope left for the Miami Heat fans that he will be back. Even though there is not a lot of hope left, Wade can still change his mind and keep playing for the team that drafted him back in 2003. However, the Heat would not have a lot of money to pay for him, and they would offer him a smaller contract than the $20 million one they offered a few days ago.

Last season, the big man DeAndre Jordan agreed on a 4-year contract with the Dallas Mavericks, but he decided not to sign it and to return to the Los Angeles Clippers. Will Wade do the same? Wade has spent 13 years playing in Miami for the Heat, the only team he has ever played professional basketball for. He has achieved a lot in Miami and is without any doubt the franchise's greatest player of all time. 

If it does happen that Wade decides to stay, the Heat will be able to offer him less than $14 million a year, and they will have to let Tyler Johnson walk away. However, it would be worth it as Wade's legacy in Miami would continue and he would retire as a Heat player.

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