Dwyane Wade Comments About Pat Riley

Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

Dwyane Wade had another interview today, which will probably his last one before he signs with the Chicago Bulls. Wade talked about many things and how leaving the Miami Heat will affect him. It was tough for him obviously, as he had spent 13 years in Miami, but that era has come to an end and he will be a Bull next season.

Among most important things, Wade said how it was extremely tough to leave. The veteran shooting guard said how he wishes he had one more month to bring his decision. Wade also said that he is Heat for life and that he will always have ties to Miami and the Heat organization. He admitted that he was angry, but that he still loves the team and Pat Riley.

Wade also commented more about Riley, saying how people will be saying many things about them, but that he loves Riley and that he understands he had to bring the best business decision. Speaking of business, Wade also said that it's good to take care of it, but that it sucks in situations like these. However, he wishes nothing but success for the Miami Heat. Considering that his contract with the Bulls is a short one, there is a big chance that he comes back to Miami soon, so maybe we will see Wade back to South Beach next summer!

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