Chicago Bulls Clearing Up Cap Space to Sign Dwyane Wade

Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

Even though they couldn't make it to the meeting with Dwyane Wade today, the Chicago Bulls are very interested in the shooting guard and are clearing up cap space in order to sign him. Wade had meetings with the Denver Nuggets and the Milwaukee Bucks today, and the Nuggets offered him a lucrative contract. The Bulls are trying to do the same and there is a big chance that Wade will sign with them.

What makes Chicago such a good option for Wade is that it's his hometown. The Bulls tried to sign Wade in 2010 as well, but it didn't go successfully. However, they may do it this offseason and the 13-year old veteran guard could join Jimmy Butler and the Windy City basketball team.

It is still unknown what contract the Bulls will be able to offer to Wade, but it is certain that Wade is open to leaving Miami after everything that had happened this offseason. Wade was not a priority for the Heat as they first re-signed Hassan Whiteside then pursued Kevin Durant. It might be too late for the Heat to sign Wade now, as he has interest in joining another team, just like other teams have interest in him.

Dwyane Wade is expected to bring his free agency decision soon, so it could happen tonight as well.

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