Denver Nuggets Offer A Huge Contract to Dwyane Wade

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Denver Nuggets have offered Dwyane Wade a 2-year contract, worth $52 million. This is much better than the $40 million over two years that the Miami Heat offered him, and he rejected. Will Wade accept this one? He might.

It is not a secret that the situation between the Heat and Wade is not good and there is a big chance that Wade leaves the team. The Heat offered Wade a two-year contract worth $40 million, but the shooting guard rejected it, wanting either more years or more money on the contract. Miami is not able to give him more money due to the lack of cap room, and giving him more years would  mean little to no flexiblity in the upcoming years.

Los Angeles Lakers were loyal to Kobe Bryant by giving him a huge contract nearing the end of his career, but it costed them a lot as they haven't been competitive for a couple of years and they are still in rebuild mode. Pat Riley and the Heat are trying to avoid the same situation by giving Wade less money and having flexibility to sign free agents in the upcoming years to stay competitive and pursue a championship.

Even though the Nuggets made a lucrative deal to Wade, it's not very likely that he will go there. Still, he will have a meeting with the team soon, and according to several reports, the former Heat player Mike Miller will be there to help recruit Wade.

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