Dwyane Wade Rejects The 2-Year Offer From the Miami Heat

Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

Miami Heat offered a 2-year contract to Dwyane Wade yesterday and it's worth $40 million, with a player option for the second year. That's the same contract the Dallas Mavericks offered to their franchise player, Dirk Nowitzki, which he agreed on today. Wade, however, rejected the offer from the Heat.

According to reports, Wade either wants the Heat to sign him for three years or he wants more money for two. At the moment, the situation between the Heat and Wade is not very good as they have failed to come to the terms for the second time in this free agency period. Wade is still a free agent and a couple of teams are interested in signing him. If the Heat don't do something about it quickly, Wade may not be wearing a Heat uniform next season.

Supposedly, Wade is not fine with the way the Heat handled free agency. They didn't make him a top priority, and not the second priority either. They first re-signed their center Hassan Whiteside after which they pursued Kevin Durant, who decided to sign with the Golden State Warriors. While the Heat front office was busy chasing Durant, they lost Luol Deng to the Los Angeles Lakers, Joe Johnson to the Utah Jazz and there's a big chance that they will lose Tyler Johnson to the Brooklyn Nets.

Wade is scheduled to meet with the Milwaukee Bucks tomorrow and there are rumors that he will meet with the Cleveland Cavaliers as well. The clock is ticking for the Heat and the longer they wait, the worse it is.

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