Dwyane Wade Will Meet With the Milwaukee Bucks

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Miami Heat superstar Dwyane Wade will meet with the Milwaukee Bucks on Wednesday, according to a few sources. The Heat offered Wade a 2-year contract worth $40 million yesterday, but the shooting guard has not accepted it yet and a few reports say that he is asking for a longer contract or more money.

The Bucks have made a few moves in this free agency period already, bringing the point guard Matthew Dellavedova and the shooter big man Mirza Teletovic to the city. They have a lot of cap room left, which means they could offer Dwyane Wade a maximum contract, which means more years and a bigger payout than the Heat are able to offer him.

Even though the Bucks haven't been really popular lately and are a small market team, Wade has a special connection to the city as he attended Marquette University there, and in two years of college basketball career, he became one of the greatest players to even play there. Wade's amazing performances earned him a high position in the 2003 NBA Draft and he's been very success in the NBA as well.

In case that Wade accepts the offer from the Heat, there will be no meeting with the Bucks. According to the sources close to the Heat, the team is optimistic that he will accept the deal, so it may happen today as well.

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