Miami Heat Have Offered Dwyane Wade A 2-Year Contract

Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

Miami Heat have offered a 2-year contract to Dwyane Wade, worth $40 million, according to the sources. Dan Le Batard first report it, while also saying that the shooting guard will have a player option for the second year of his contract.

Things haven't gone really well for the Miami Heat this free agency as they lost two veteran players who played a big role last season, Joe Johnson and Luol Deng. Furthermore, the Brooklyn Nets offered a 4-year contract to Tyler Johnson and if the Heat don't match it, Johnson will be gone as well.

Previous reports were saying that the Heat were offering $10 million a year to Wade, but it is still unknown whether it was true or not. This new contract would possibly be Wade's last NBA contract as he is 34 and would most likely retire after it. With this contract, the Heat would be able to sign a few more free agents and possibly re-sign Johnson.

It is still up to Wade to decide whether to accept the contract or not. Contracts can be signed on July 7 and he may want to wait until accepting it. Considering all the other contracts given this summer, Wade deserves more, but the Heat may not be able to give it to him.

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