LeBron James Could Sign With the Miami Heat Once Again

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Miami Heat have given a maximum contract to Hassan Whiteside yesterday, which is a huge relief as the big man will stay in the city for at least four more years. Dwyane Wade, on the other side, is still a free agent and has not reached an agreement with the Heat yet. According to some reports, Wade will not sign a deal until the Heat talk to Kevin Durant, which should be on Sunday. However, it could be that something else is in play.

The reigning NBA champion LeBron James became a free agent yesterday as well. James did it intentionally, by declining his player option on the contract and opting out of it. He did the same after four years in Miami and after he opted out, he left Miami and went back to Cleveland. Will he do the similar thing this time as well?

Earlier in the season, there were speculations that James could be back to Miami if he brings a championship he promised to Cleveland. He did it and the Cleveland Cavaliers got their first ever NBA championship. LeBron is not obligated to do anything for the Cavs anymore, so he might go back to the place where he turned into a champion --- to the place where his career took a big jump as he made it to the final stage four straight teams and won two championships.

Wade is not signing a new contract because he wants the Heat to sign James, so they have cap space to sign both of them. Could it be true? It easily could, but then again, it may not happen. If LeBron James does come back to Miami, fans will have mixed feelings about it. Some of them still dislike him for leaving, yet some of them understand his friendship with Wade and his incredible basketball skills. Besides, the lineup with James and Wade that also includes Hassan Whiteside and Chris Bosh would undoubtedly be enough to make a deep playoff run and possibly win it all.

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