Utah Jazz And A Few More Teams Interested in Luol Deng

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

The first hour of the free agency is over and there are numerous reports regarding free agent signings. The Vertical reports that the Utah Jazz are targetting Luol Deng and they might sign him soon. Beside the Jazz, there are a few more teams which have shown interest in the small forward.

Deng has played two last seasons for the Miami Heat and he averaged 12.3 points and 6 rebounds in the last season. He was also one of the biggest contributors in the playoffs. Considering that he was on a contract which was worth a bit over $10 million, the Heat may not be able to afford him unless he takes a paycut.

To make things worse for the Heat, the Jazz are not the only team that is interested in the forward. A few more teams have expressed interested in Deng and one of them is the Minnesota Timberwolves, with Tim Thibodeau as their head coach, who was Deng's coach when he played for the Chicago Bulls.

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