LeBron James Comments About Potential Heat-Cavs Playoffs Matchup, Wade Responds

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Dwyane Wade and LeBron James have played against each other many times, but never in the playoffs. Many fans would love to see it and James has thought about it, but we are still at least a week away from the eventual series between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Miami Heat. 

Just a couple of days ago, the matchup looked very realistic as both the Heat and the Cavs were up 1-0 against their respective playoff opponents. While the Cavs kept dominating in the playoffs and stayed undefeated throughout first seven games of it, the Heat fell into a 1-2 hole against the Toronto Raptors, losing the home court advantage they gained in the first game of the series.

However, the series is not over until a team wins four games and both the Heat and the Raptors are a couple of games short from achieving that. When asked about if he has ever thought about the matchup against the Heat and Dwyane Wade, the Cavaliers superstar forward said the following:

Naturally, of course. That's since I've came back. It'd be great to play against those guys in the postseason. Throughout my whole career, I've always wanted to go against [Dwyane] Wade in a playoff series. We've always talked about it even before we became teammates in '10.

James also added that it hasn't been heavy on his mind, but the idea of the matchup has crossed his mind many times throughout his career. Just like his former teammate Dwyane Wade, LeBron was drafted in 2003. While James was the top pick of the draft, Wade was picked four spots later by the Heat. 

Two of them joined the forces in 2010 as LeBron James decided take his talents to South Beach. They formed one of the best duos in the history of the NBA and in the four years they spent playing together, they won two championships and went to the finals all four years. Before they played together, Wade's biggest success was leading the Heat to their first championship in 2006. On the other side, James led the Cavaliers to the finals just a year after Wade won a championship. Unfortunately for him, he failed to win it all as the Cavs got swept by the San Antonio Spurs.

In other seasons, neither the Heat nor the Cavs had much success getting deep into the postseason and basketball fans have never gotten the opportunity to see Dwyane Wade play against LeBron James in such an important series of games. If it does happen this year, the Cavaliers will have a home court advantage over the Heat, but the Heat were 2-1 against Cleveland in the regular season and both of the wins were blowouts.

Wade's response to James' comment was short and simple, as he said he will not talk about facing LeBron until the Heat win four games. The situation is not good for the Heat right now and if they want to make it happen, they will need to win three out of the next four games against the Raptors. Two of those games are at home, but the Heat will have to win one on the road as well.

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