Kyle Lowry Stepped Out of Bounds Before Making Buzzer Beater Against Miami Heat

Miami Heat and Toronto Raptors had a very intense game 1 of the conference semifinals and the game was decided in an overtime. It seemed that the Heat had a comfortable lead as they were up by 6 points with under 30 seconds left in the game, but a couple of bad inbound plays and missed free throws changed the whole game. In the final seconds of the game, the Heat were up by only 3 points, but the Raptors had the ball. Kyle Lowry, who has shot under 15% from the long range in the playoffs, took the ball in his hands, ran to the half court, drained a long distance shot...and made it!

Despite it being one of the most amazing shots this season, the fact is that it should not have counted. Lowry, before taking a shot, stepped out of bounds and should have been called for a turnover, as it can be seen in the picture and video below. Fortunately for the Heat, they managed to still win the game in the extra period as they took the home court advantage of the series and a valuable 1-0 lead.

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