Chris Bosh Could Return in the Playoffs

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Chris Bosh was almost officially ruled out for the season just two weeks ago, but now he is showing signs of improvement and he may be back on the floor soon. Although he is still listed as Out for every game, the fact is that Bosh's health condition has improved and he may be back on the court very soon.

Miami Heat are currently tied with the Charlotte Hornets 3-3 in the first round of the playoffs. The final game of the series will be played on Sunday and the winner will play against the winner of the series between the Indiana Pacers and the Toronto Raptors, which also goes to seven games. This is the series Bosh could play in, if the Heat advance to the second round.

The potential Heat-Pacers/Raptors matchup would start on Tuesday and would last for over 10 days, giving Chris Bosh more time to recover and practice. While Bosh may not play in the first game of the series, there is a chance he could play later, in game 3 or 4, or even more games if the series requires it. Bosh expressed desire to play, but the Heat keep him out indefinitely as his medical condition is not perfect yet.

With the eventual return of Bosh, there is no doubt that the Heat would improve. Second-round matchup will be tough, regardless of who the Heat play. Even the first round was difficult for Miami and is still not certain whether they will advance to the next one or not. One thing is for sure, Chris Bosh doesn't play to retire and will stay with the Miami Heat. If he can get back to the court, it will be a great help for the Heat as they look to go as deep as possible in the playoffs.

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